If you love dance choreography, gaming or repairing bicycles and you often wish that you could make a career out of doing what you enjoy, there are many hobbies that can translate into real jobs with real pay. Through hard work and perseverance, here are 10 hobbies that have the potential to turn into a full-time career:

1. Animal Trainer

For the animal lover, there may be no greater career than becoming an animal trainer. If you have the patience, love and dedication to work with animals, then this is the career for you. Whether you choose equine training or obedience classes, you knowledge and techniques can help you to earn an average salary of $30,000 and with roughly 10,000 animal trainers currently employed in the country, there is always room for a newcomer.

2. Choreographer

Dancing appears to be an innate part of being a human, according to those who thrive in expressing themselves through music. If you excel as a choreographer or a dancer, consider using this skill set to earn a full-time living. Choreographers earn roughly $44,000 each year and are reasonably paid as they engage in the profession they love.

3. Bicycle Repair Technician

Do your children or the neighborhood kids often turn to you when their bicycles need repaired? If you are an enthusiast of all things related to bicycles, consider becoming a bicycle repair technician. With less than 10,000 individuals currently employed in this position, job security is a definite bonus. Bicycle technicians can expect to earn an average annual salary of $25,000.

4. Commercial Diver

If you are currently a diver and would like to use your experience in a profession, commercial diving is an industry in which you can enjoy the hobby while being paid to do what you love. While the average wage is $59,000 annually, if you receive additional training to become a commercial diver, you could potentially be making almost $100,000 per year.

gamer5. Professional Gamer
Are you consistently so excited for the release of new video games that you lose sleep and can barely function until you are holding the game in your hands? If you are an avid video gamer, you may love a job where you are played to test games before they are released. Additionally, there are many tournaments and competitions in which professional gamers can earn six figures or more, depending on the game, skill set and experience.

6. Model Maker

Making models has been a favorite pastime for many children; oftentimes, this hobby continues into adulthood. You may be surprised to know that model makers are in extremely high demand, particularly in movies, architectural firms, museums and manufacturing companies that require models. With an average salary of $70,000 per year, this is a career that can definitely pay off.

7. Historian

History buffs are needed in almost every town in every country. Whether you offer your services to local historic landmarks or to your local government, there are a variety of jobs available to those who love history. In these careers, you can expect to earn $57,000 per year. If none of these outlets appears right for you, you could always start your own local historic tour business to earn a living.

8. Travel Guide

Those who love to travel may find careers nearly impossible – who can hold down a steady job when they are rarely in one spot? Fortunately, however, if you love to travel and teach, you may make a living as a tour guide and earn $33,000 per year, whether it is from one remote location or if you work for a company that oversees vacations and excursions.

9. Conservation Worker

Hiking and being outdoors may not be for everyone, but if you find yourself more at home in the wilderness than in your own house, consider becoming a conservation worker. Not only will you have the opportunity to work outside, but you may be able to tour various locations as well, earning $27,000 per year.

10. Craft Artist

If you have a knack for creating works of art, consider becoming a craft artist to earn a living. With an average salary of $32,000 per year, you can create fine pieces while still putting food on the table. Research websites that allow you to sell your crafts from home or set up a booth at a local craft show.

All of these hobbies have the potential to become careers for those who are interested in pursuing a full-time job. While the list is not complete, no matter what your hobby, there is a high possibility that with a little research and a little time, you can continue to do what you love and earn a living at the same time.